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Solimar Systems solutions help Colorado State

Solimar Systems, Inc, provider of leading workflow software solutions for print production and digital communications, has announced that the State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) has streamlined 90 per cent of all jobs printed by using Solimar Chemistry workflow solutions. The new solutions enabled dramatic time savings, providing IDS with quick turnarounds and a rapid response to a huge volume increase (40 per cent) during the pandemic.

IDS, which falls within the State of Colorado’s Department of Personnel & Administration, is responsible for the print requirements from the executive branches within Colorado. During the pandemic, they saw a dramatic increase in demand driving additional responsibilities to the department, including the distribution of all personal protective equipment across the state and the absorption of additional print needs from multiple state departments. This included the Department of Revenue’s recent Colorado Cash Back program.

The program, launched by the State under legislation in August 2022 required a swift review, verification, and approval process. Solimar’s SOLitrack dashboard provided the visibility and item tracking tools that enabled the successful mailing of 2.4 million printed checks over five business days meeting the delivery deadline of September 30, 2022.

Speaking about the increased workload and Chemistry solutions, Colorado State Printer Mike Lincoln said “We were able to absorb it very well due to the Automated Document Factory solution from Solimar; we were able to bring work on, digitise the workflow, and in many cases remove manual steps. The ability to leverage tools like Piece Level Tracking provided us with new levels of automation and visibility. While, like most, we didn’t expect all the challenges of the pandemic, thanks to Solimar we were set up extremely well to handle it.”

According to Lincoln, Department of Revenue tasks that previously took 12-14 hours are now be achieved within 2-4 hours, “and since our staff can use and configure the Solimar Chemistry CCM platform in a do-it-yourself way, it gave us advantages to be nimble and onboard customers much faster. What’s more, the transition has happened much quicker than expected,” he added.

Further challenges at IDS included the expansion of job types for onboarding. Previously IDS was mainly a transactional-focused print shop. The new work included output from a variety of legacy systems that were only sometimes optimized. Solimar’s ReadyPDF module-enabled consolidation and optimisation functions that have been an absolute game-changer, reducing file sizes by up to 70 per cent and RIP time on the printer, resulting in significant cost savings across multiple processes.

Using Solimar’s Rubika document re-engineering solution, along with Solimar’s SOLindexer indexing tool, IDS successfully created an accurate and repeatable streamlined workflow. Rubika has also been instrumental in adding Intelligent Mail Barcodes to existing documents, enabling significant postal savings.

“We’re delighted that Solimar solutions are empowering IDS to manage the state’s increased volume demand, states Mary Ann Rowan, chief experience officer of Solimar Systems, “The Chemistry platform provides extensive workflow automation enabling IDS to successfully manage significantly increased print volumes as well as new types of work. The technology optimizes the infrastructure for the state’s printing, while simultaneously helping to reduce shifts, lower costs, and increase annual savings.”

Solimar Systems enables organisations around the globe to onboard, make ready, enhance, manage and deliver print and digital communications. As an early adopter of the PDF output format, the Chemistry platform optimizes and drives a variety of print and electronic workflows including transactional and direct mail printing, accessibility, archive services, digital delivery and secure communications.

Integrated Document Solutions is a full-service, end-to-end document management operation. IDS advises, assists, and supports each agency’s needs and provides a wide variety of cost-efficient document solutions at a professional level. The service solutions range from but are not limited to business cards, graphic design, scanning, and data conversion, to print, mail, fulfillment, and warehousing. IDS partners with each agency to offer services tailored to each program’s need and budget. Since IDS provides so many business services/solutions in-house, it is relatively simple to integrate any number of these services into a seamless operation for agencies, resulting in more efficient processes and lower costs.

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