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Rheinische Post using AdSelf from ppi Media

Rheinische Post, the daily newspaper with the highest circulation in the German Rhineland, is following in the footsteps of other publishers and media companies such as Verlag Nürnberger Presse and VRM by using AdSelf to introduce special, simplified advertising workflows for funeral homes. AdSelf is a self-service ad portal developed by ppi Media that media companies can use to target both companies and individuals. AdSelf makes it incredibly easy for users to book classified ads for print media. The publisher’s partner companies will be able to integrate the portal into their existing processes.

Rheinische Post will be introducing the AdSelf portal exclusively for funeral homes at first. ppi Media has made various adjustments and developments to facilitate this application. For example, billing options have been streamlined to significantly simplify processes for publishers, undertakers and their end customers. The agency commission can be viewed separately by undertakers at any time, and the integration of the Stylo editor for creating and editing ads has also been improved.

For example, the editor always displays the height of an advertisement in millimeters as it expands, and ad designs can be uploaded and downloaded in PDF format. These are just some of the adjustments that have made advertising workflows significantly more efficient and convenient for Rheinische Post and its B2B customers in the funeral sector. “We are delighted that ppi Media has customised the AdSelf portal for a targeted group of B2B customers at Rheinische Post,” says project manager Sonja Reitemeier.

“The new portal has already gone down very well with our customers. We used to receive most of our orders via email and had to make manual adjustments, but our processes are now automated and much simpler”. In the future, Rheinische Post plans to transfer the new AdSelf advertising workflow for funeral homes to the General-Anzeiger Bonn and other daily newspapers in the publishing group.

ppi Media develops highly efficient solutions and services for media companies. The owner-managed software house was founded in 1984 and has since become the leading workflow specialist for automated newspaper production; 80% of all daily newspapers on the German market are produced using products developed by ppi Media. Media companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA use the firm’s solutions in their daily work for the planning, production and editorial workflows of their digital and print products.

July 2022