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Model AG invests in a new Chroma X Pro 2100

Model AG placed an order with Koenig & Bauer Celmacch for a Chroma X Pro machine, with a working width of 2,100 mm and 7 printing units. The new line will be delivered in Summer 2024 and installed at the Weinfelden plant in Switzerland. 

“The chemistry between us was balanced from the beginning, and of course this helps a lot in such a project,” emphasises Erol Gencoglu, head of Production, Model AG. “In the first place, we had a totally clear vision of what concerns machinery and technology: in particular short make-ready times, modern and intuitive handling, and a very high automation level, were essential conditions for us, which Koenig & Bauer Celmacch is quite simply able to fulfil.”

The new High-Board-Line Chroma X Pro increases productivity at Model AG in Weinfelden, Switzerland.

The technical specifications of the Chroma X Pro are oriented towards the most demanding claims of Model AG. With a working width of 2.10 metres and 14,000 feeds per hour, the machine is extremely powerful. “Our philosophy is keeping Customer’s requests always in the focus and aligning ourselves accordingly,” explains Hannah Potrawa, director, Corrugated, Koenig & Bauer. “During numerous extremely constructive and productive meetings with the team of Model, we could improve the automation and the handling of our machinery and integrate new features in the machine.”

The line has a feeder without rolls, so that corrugated sheets can be gently conveyed into the machine. The vacuum roll-transport in the Chroma X Pro ensures low wear and, as a consequence of that, low costs in spare parts and maintenance. Cliché cleaning in the printing unit, washing process and bucket ejection take place automatically in the Chroma X Pro by means of a machine-controlled job comparison. In this way, set-up times are reduced.

Simultaneously, the operators are relieved and they can carry out other tasks and activities on the machine. The Register Control System and the Image Control System belong to the equipment of the machine as well as the Easy Job Change, which allows beginning, in 180 seconds, the new production with the Digital Workflow of the Chroma X Pro. The follow-up order can be loaded and prepared already during production. 

The Flying Job Change allows a job transition by related job changeovers without stopping the machine – for the whole line. The interfaces transmit the job changeover, there will be only a gap of two sheets. In addition, the ideal settings and parameters for new orders are determined and preset thanks to the Advanced AutoSet System on the basis of former printing data. “The automation level of our new machine is really impressive”, said Marcel Heller, process manager, Flexo Printers and Rotary Die Cutters at Model AG. “I am sure that we made the right decision with the Chroma X Pro. This ensures that we can meet our Customers’ requirements with reduced time-to-market.”

“We are very pleased that Model and Koenig & Bauer, two highly innovative companies, are realising this exciting project together. A big thank you to the Team of Model for their order and their confidence in our machinery technology and expertise“, concludes Peter J. Rickenmann, CEO Koenig & Bauer Switzerland.

Model AG is the leading packaging producer in Switzerland. The company develops, produces and deliveries smart, innovative and high-quality display and packaging solutions in corrugated cardboard. By the end of January 2023, Model AG employed 784 people at the three sites of Weinfelden, Moudon and Niedergösgen.