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Digitec Galaxus now has ferag.skyfall pouch sorter

As Switzerland’s largest online retailer, Digitec Galaxus stocks almost everything for almost everyone, with around seven million products. The Operations Center in Wohlen is now being equipped with the unique pouch sorter ferag.skyfall. The new solution marks an important step for the company to ensure an increased picking volume in the near future.

Initial contact with the Digitec Galaxus project team at the LogiMAT trade fair in 2022 heralded the start of the new partnership between the Swiss online retailer and the intra-logistics specialist. Super Booster, as the project was named in reference to the considerable increase in performance it represents for Digitec Galaxus, was developed over a period of 1.5 years in close cooperation. It is impressive proof of the successful collaboration between Ferag and Digitec Galaxus. The solution has it all: conveying, buffering, sorting and picking are all functions that Digitec Galaxus will be able to perform in future with maximum throughput thanks to ferag.skyfall. At least 1.3 million parcels will leave the warehouse every month from 2025.

Ferag’s expertise and Digitec Galaxus’ clear specifications formed the basis for the pioneering step. The integration of the ferag.skyfall pouch sorter into the existing, complex material flow systems in Wohlen represented a significant challenge, which was mastered by both sides with comprehensive expertise.

“Just in time for the start of the year, two traditional companies are sending out an important signal for Switzerland’s economic landscape,” says Tommaso Ramundo, CEO of Ferag. “The launch of the ferag.skyfall pouch sorter is a milestone for both companies, underlining the efficiency and performance of Digitec Galaxus’ logistics solution.”