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Curtis Packaging invests in Scodix digital press…

Scodix announced a milestone as it celebrates the sale of its 400th digital enhancement press to Curtis Packaging in Connecticut, US. Curtis Packaging invested in the latest evolution of the Scodix Ultra 6000 Press, now powered by SHD. Developed for embellishment for the packaging industry with its B1/41-inch format, the Ultra 6000 system also allows thicker substrates and incorporates industrial pallet feeders and stackers. Scodix SHD (Smart High Definition) algorithm-controlled digital printing achieves high accuracy and quality precision of complicated detailing for foiling, spot embellishments and micro fonts.

The milestone sale exemplifies the cross sector and mainstream appeal Scodix sees, with installs in every sector of the print industry and now a significant increase in business from the packaging sector, particularly over the last two years with the launch of the Ultra 5000 and 6000 Presses. “Brands are fighting to be noticed on the shelves – be it a bricks and mortar store or an online retailer – and connecting with customers during the unboxing experience of eCommerce had become a crucial part of the perception of a brand,” states Eli Grinberg, Scodix CEO. “Embellishments are playing a larger role in that initial impact. Scodix is well positioned for printers and converters to embellish any size job while caring for the economics of business and our environment.”

As the trends for shorter runs and increased versioning of products continue, the Scodix Ultra 6000 powered by SHD will allow Curtis to keep up with demanding turnaround times, whilst the number and quality of embellishments will “satisfy practically any customer need” according to Don Droppo Jr., Curtis Packaging President and CEO. “Between the versatility of ten different applications, and the variable data capabilities of the Scodix press, we will be able to capture a larger portion of the market with our increased capacity and capabilities,” asserts Droppo Jr. “We are also excited to offer our customers new and unique treatments for their existing and upcoming product lines. We feel that these new capabilities will help us take our customers to the next level in terms of the visual impact of their products, but also get the job done cost effectively.”

“Scodix technology clearly differentiates itself from traditional stamping and embossing, as there are no die costs,” asserts Droppo Jr. “Aside from saving dollars, each and every run could be customised with its own unique, complementary feel. It’s imperative for strong brands to jump out on the shelves in the ultra-competitive markets of cosmetics, chocolates and spirits that we operate in. And we see many brands achieving that extra impact with customization and personalization, the demand for which, continues to grow.”

With a long-time emphasis on sustainable practices both in production and material sourcing, Curtis Packaging has been a steward of innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility for decades and continues to seek new ways to be a leader in folding cartons. As the first packaging company in North America to use 100 per cent renewable energy, to be 100 per cent carbon neutral and to be a zero waste to landfill facility, Curtis Packaging holds itself to a higher standard. With no plates, dies, chemicals or solvents, Scodix meets the high environmental standards imposed by Curtis Packaging.

With Grinberg as a co-founder, Scodix was founded in 2007 and made its debut at Ipex in 2010 offering the market a unique digital technology for adding tactile spot varnish that transformed the embellishment market at that time. In 2017, Scodix launched the market’s first digital B1 format embellishment solution for the packaging market.

November 2022