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Another Rapida 105 for Parksons Packaging

At drupa, Parksons Packaging, one of India’s biggest Rapida printers, placed another order for sheetfed offset technology from Koenig & Bauer. A Rapida 105 with seven inking units, coater and extended delivery is to supplement the current press fleet. It will be installed at MK Print Pack (Parksons Group Company) in Daman. The new Rapida 105 will be a combined conventional and UV press. It features a package for foil converting, fully flexible dryer equipment, measuring and control technology and non-stop equipment in the delivery. It will be raised for packaging production.

Parksons Packaging already has more than 150 printing and finishing units from Koenig & Bauer in operation. They are spread across a total of 21 presses. The company now has 13 production sites across the subcontinent. It also has a plant in Tanzania. A seven-colour Rapida 105 with coater was installed there shortly before drupa.

Owner and president Ramesh Kejriwal says: “The Rapida presses are the foundation of our extraordinary growth. They make us uniquely efficient.”

Ramesh Kejriwal (second from left) in discussion with the management of Koenig & Bauer and the Indian sales partner Indo Polygraph.