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Call for universal propagation of the practice of meditation

Thought leaders want meditation to be inculcated at all levels, to usher in peace and harmony in the world

In a unique initiative for creating awareness about the benefits of meditation, the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, a non-profit and non-religious organisation, hosted a two-day global conference on meditation on Feb 24-25 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Participants at the convention, the first such initiative, highlighted that meditation is the ultimate way to prevent and deal with the ever-increasing problems of health of the body, mind and spirit facing modern society, which finds expression in growing violence, addictions, insecurity, disease, corruption, disharmony, terrorism and threat to the environment.

The convention resolved that meditation should be promoted at all levels – individual, family, national and global. It said that since violence and all negativity are products of the mind, the simple technique of meditation should be imparted to everyone from childhood onwards, to inculcate positivity, and the right values, attitudes and thoughts in order to mould healthy and cultured people who can form harmonious and happy families and compassionate societies, which, in turn, will constitute an ideal nationand contribute to a world without war or discrimination, where there’s justice for all, and  every effort is made to save and protect Planet Earth.  

The unanimously passed resolution will be submitted to policy makers at the national and global level with the aim of securing universal acceptance for meditation, as was given to yoga. In the universal acceptance of the principles and practice of yoga, the emphasis has been on Hatha Yoga which ensures physical health.The importance of meditation has not been adequately understood and, hence, the need for another national and global movement in this respect.

Thought leaders from various streams of life participated in the deliberations, focusing on all aspects of meditation, including impact on education, holistic growth, health, wellness, relationships and corporate excellence. Speakers included D.R. Kaarthikeyan (IPS, retd), former director, Central Bureau of Investigation, special director-generral, Central Reserve Police Force, and director-general, National Human Rights Commission; Kiran Bedi, former lieutenant governor of Puducherry; Chandra Pulamarasetti, founder of Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation; Newton and Lakshmi, Quantum Life Foundation; and Shreans Daga, Shreans Daga Foundation.

Scientific research and case studies were presented at four panel discussions. More than 450 delegates attended the Convention in person, and thousands of others from all over the world attended virtually. An app for mobile phones, named Buddha-CEO, was launched during the conference. Available for download on the Apple Store and Google PlayStore, it allows participants to learn and practice meditation and pursue scientific meditation wisdom courses easily.

(This article is based on information received by email from D.R. Kaarthikeyan who is also president of the Foundation for Peace, Harmony and Good Governance.)