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Advanced sorting tech: ferag.skyfall sets new standards

CEP (courier, express and parcel) companies face various challenges when handling small parcels, which affect different aspects of their business operations. To successfully meet the challenges, CEP companies must employ innovative technologies, efficient logistics processes, careful quality control and a customer-oriented strategy. Continuous adaptation to changing market conditions and customer needs is essential to remain competitive in the industry. The introduction of pocket sorters in the CEP industry marks an important step towards automation and efficiency. At a time when fast deliveries and smooth delivery processes are crucial, they undoubtedly play a central role in leading the industry into the future and meeting and even exceeding customer expectations.

ferag.skyfall is a partially to fully automated system developed for buffering, sorting and internal transportation of goods. It is based on a modular design in which parcels are placed in individual pockets. These pouches move overhead on rails through various stations where they are buffered, sorted and prepared for further processing. With the ability to transport a weight of up to 15 kg per pouch and item sizes of up to 600 x 400 x 300 mm, ferag.skyfall stands out from other solutions. Just as well, ferag.skyfall masters the sorting and transportation of articles in different packaging, dimensions and weights. The ferag.skyfall also makes it possible to collect several items in one pouch and process them together.

The intelligent design of the Ferag pouches enables the gentle and safe transportation of unpacked or unfoiled textiles. The front and back of the Ferag pouches are stiffened. This allows the pouch to be opened automatically. During transfer, the product slides into the open pouch. This then closes automatically and the product is transported gently and in a space-saving manner. The product is prevented from slipping onto the bottom of the pouch and thus from creasing. A special chute during removal/handover also optimises transport.

ferag.skyfall also meets the requirement for maximum performance: with conventional solutions, the sorter pouches hang from a fixed point on the rail and move in the direction of travel to the work station, where the pouches are filled or emptied mechanically one after the other. Once the process is complete, the employee releases the pouch for transportation using a button and simultaneously picks up the next pouch. The pouches of the ferag.skyfall, on the other hand, turn automatically towards the employee just before the workstation, during the journey and without interruption. The employee empties or fills the pouch quickly and ergonomically.

When driving away, the pouch turns back in the direction of travel. The advantages the solution are obvious: in addition to the gentle handling for the employee, this function eliminates the need for the employee to manually release the pouches. This reduces waiting times and increases the throughput per hour and workstation to up to 1,200 pouches per hour. If the ferag.skyfall is also connected to automated conveyor technology or induct stations, the throughput can even be increased to up to 1,800 pouches per hour. In this case, the throughput is only limited by the performance of the third-party systems to which the Ferag pouch sorter is connected.

The ferag.skyfall has a high sorting capacity and, compared to conventional sorting systems, can also buffer parcels to save space until they are needed for further processing. Each parcel is precisely recorded and managed using barcode or RFID technology. Overall, this leads to a significant reduction in errors and delays in the delivery chain. The modular structure of the ferag.skyfall makes it possible to adapt and expand the systems as required. This allows CEP companies to react flexibly to seasonal fluctuations and changing requirements. With the integration of ferag.skyfall, CEP services can provide accurate real-time tracking information for each parcel. Your customers can track the status of their shipments and receive transparent information about the progress of their deliveries.