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A selfless person who touched people’s hearts

The passing away of K.V. Srinivasan, special news photographer, The Hindu, was sudden and shocking. He collapsed while covering the Vaikunta Ekadesi festivities at the Sri Parthasarathy Perumal temple in Triplicane in Chennai in January. Two of his colleagues recall their association with him

Deepa Ramakrishnan, senior assistant editor

Today I have lost a friend, who was more than a brother to me, a guru, a great human being, who would selflessly run around doing stuff for others. KVS had gone to Sri Parthasarathy Perumal temple, his most favourite haunt, to take pictures of Vaikunta Ekadesi. He is said to have fainted there and passed away.

After his friend lost his wife, KVS and his group of friends made it a point to visit him every evening to ensure that he was OK. For KVS, Parthasarathy Perumal was everything. A year ago, when there was some issue in the temple and he did not go to there, Lord Parthasarathy appeared in his dream and the very next day KVS visited the temple. The issue is still to be resolved and he had been working with his advocate to get it cleared.

KVs’s display picture on WhatsApp is a golden parrot that he offered to Lord Parthasarathy. Two months ago, when I wanted to offer panagam to Narasimha, KVS brought me the prasadam in pouring rain. Two days ago, we had offered sakkara pongal thaligai and KVS very happily collected and sent it to me.

KVS single-handedly collected funds and restored the Peyazhwar Sannidhi in Triplicane. He also worked to restore a Perumal Temple in Periyamet. When there was some issue in a storm water drain leading to the Parthasarathy Temple tank, he went after the corporation staff and ensured the tank would get fresh rain water. Several years ago, when the tank was as filled with garbage, he requested Shri Lakhani, the then corporation commissioner to clear it, and he very graciously obliged.

KVS was associated with the repair and restoration of several other temples. Like his father, who was a senior official in the Revenue Department, KVS too loved Parthasarathy Perumal and regularly grumbled about the way the temple was being run, the various forces involved in certain issues and always looked for solutions.

He knew the HR & CE Department well and had sources everywhere. When I hunted for sources, he would know the appropriate person to speak with. Today, KVS went off to be with Partha, leaving behind his wife and two sons and shocked friends, loving Triplicane vaasis (residents) and colleagues.

T. Ramakrishnan, associate editor

Sad and shocked to know the death of my long-standing friend and veteran photographer, K V Srinivasan, early this morning. A product of the Triplicane milieu, Srinivasan was at the Parthasarathy Temple to have His darshan when he  fainted. On the way to hospital, he died.

Srinivasan was extremely helpful to people. As his contacts at the HR & CE department were vast, he could facilitate effortlessly the visit to any temple in Tamil Nadu. I had run to him many times for the purpose. When I bought my first car, a Santro, in October 2006, Srinivasan was with me at the dealer’s place. He and I had covered a number of assignments in all these years. Most importantly, in late August 2011, both of us went to the Puzhal and Gummiddipoondi camps for refugees from Sri Lanka. At Gummiddipoondi, we came across a young couple, who had got married only a few hours earlier that day and were going around the camp premises. He instantaneously photographed them.