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Teton Media Works gains from NewsWayX

Community-focused Teton Media Works and publisher of the Jackson Hole News & Guide and Jackson Hole Daily newspapers implements ProImage’s NewsWayX automation workflow solution to streamline and modernise its expanding production. With its growing portfolio of print titles, the Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based media company, was in need of an efficient and easy-to-use workflow management solution that could be installed and operated without major investment in software, equipment, and training. Publisher Kevin Olson met ProImage’s management during a Wyoming Press Association outing and quickly realised that ProImage and NewsWayX would be the right choice for his growing press operation.

Producing a wide range of local dailies and weekly newspapers and magazines (ranging from a circulation of 1K to 9K), and high-volume National Park Visitor Guides (between 50K and 200K+ copies), Teton Media Works needed a workflow solution to simplify and streamline their production. NewsWayX fits the bill. As Lewis Haddock, circulation and prepress manager states: “Automation, quick processing time, optimisation, and the simplicity of the NewsWayX interface are night and day in difference to our old workflow.”

With NewsWayX, workflows can be designed using a simple drag-and-drop operation and thus allowing immense flexibility and full scalability. The HTML5 browser client provides full access to the system from any computer with a browser and the integrated interface enables departments to easily track and manage production. Team members can view the production progress, workflow steps, pages, or plates, and perform a variety of operations required to manage production. The system also provides integrated production planning and imposition tools. Edition planning is accomplished by using a simple wizard or importing a template with a single mouse click. For job tracking, NewsWayX displays the production status in a layered approach, from very general production views to the status of a single file or plate.

User interface simplicity was one of the key features that were important to the production team at Teton Media Works. Furthermore, processing time and ink optimisation were also very high on their list. Chuck Pate, Prepress Foreman, confirms that NewsWayX delivered: “Combined with our new CTPs, prepress production time is now much faster than before. Our workflow is twice as fast. The cloud offering allows us to utilise multiple RIPs and servers compared to limited local servers.”

When asked about the quantifiable financial benefits of having the NewsWayX solution, Lewis Haddock’s answer is clear. They see significant savings in ink cost which is particularly beneficial with the recent price increase for ink. Teton Media Works also produces less waste on the press because of quicker registration and needing less ink. Faster turnaround and prepress production times are enabling production to print numerous jobs more cost-efficient each day.

In addition to meeting Teton Media Works product requirements, the implementation of the NewsWayX system was a “straightforward and smooth transition”.

In 2012, family owned and operated Teton Media Works acquired Jackson Hole News, Inc, the publisher of Jackson Hole News & Guide and Jackson Hole Daily newspapers. Since then, it has focused its business on strengthening its print newspapers while expanding its special interest magazines, advertising services, and digital marketing extensions. Teton Media Works, located in Jackson, WY, creates a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, and National Park Visitor Guides.

August 2022