Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Quad adds two new Lithoman presses

More than 100 manroland Goss presses worldwide produce for the printing giant Quad – one of North America’s largest printing companies and a global marketing experience company that unites all the essential resources required for frictionless, scalable marketing execution. In the last seven years alone, manroland Goss has successfully commissioned eight new presses for Quad. The two latest machines, two Lithoman IV presses, are in operation at Quad’s Hartford, Wisconsin, United States location. The customer and manufacturer are working together to achieve a peak run time of 52,500 rph on the recently installed Lithoman IV – a new record speed for manroland Goss commercial web presses.

Quad, a $3 billion global marketing experience company headquartered in the US, has been producing marketing and commercial printing jobs worldwide on manroland Goss equipment for decades. All of its traditional web offset presses, more than 100 worldwide, are manroland Goss. The company is convinced of the quality of the Augsburg press manufacturer and has recently started printing on two more new Lithoman IV presses at the Hartford site.

The two new additions at Quad are both Lithoman IV commercial web offset presses with a web width of 2,060 mm /81.1. As standard, the press runs at a top speed of 50,000 rph, which translates to 100,000 copies per hour. But that is not all. The customer and the press manufacturer are working hand in hand on the next challenge to exceed the current top-rated speed and achieve 52,500 rph. In doing so, the long-standing partners are aiming to set a new speed record for the press model to increase productivity even further.

During a visit by Quad management representatives in Augsburg, Franz Kriechbaum, CEO of manroland Goss, presented a high-quality 3D visualisation of the two new Lithoman IV models to Dave Honan, EVP & COO at Quad, and other Quad manufacturing executives. He emphasised the valuable cooperation and the strong relationship of trust between the two companies that has grown over the years; a success story that Quad and manroland Goss intend to continue together in the future.