Friday, June 14, 2024
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Jewish Chronicle adopts Desk, Atex web CMS

The Jewish Chronicle, a leading weekly publication for the Jewish community worldwide, has selected Desk as the unified content management system across digital and print. Founded in 1841, The Jewish Chronicle is the world’s oldest and most influential Jewish newspaper. Published every week, it offers the community up-to-date news and opinions across a wide range of topics: politics, features, health, education, food, and lifestyle, reflecting the wide diversity of Jewish religious, social and political spectrum.

Following the management’s decision to build a unified workflow between digital and print, the company selected Desk as the single editor and content management system for the entire newsroom. The Jewish Chronicle has been using Atex for print production since 2016. Digital publishing, previously on a different platform, will now move to ACE, Atex headless CMS. In the new unified workflow, channel-neutral content will be created in Desk. Then, journalists and editors will enrich it for digital and print, leveraging the best tools for each platform.

“Our readers are looking for high-quality content, always up-to-date and available on multiple platforms. To match their demand, we are now adopting a new technology that provides a highly efficient workflow. Atex is a trusted partner, and we are happy they will support us in the process,” says Jo Bucci, CEO, The Jewish Chronicle. Desk is a web-based solution to manage the production of digital and print publications. It enables the whole content production lifecycle via customisable workflows, picture desk functionality, video management and a dynamic metadata management framework with automatic content tagging features.

Atex is a leading software company selling solutions for media-rich industries, committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalised, localised, collaborative, contextually relevant, and available on-demand. With hundreds of customers worldwide, Atex solutions power the whole content and advertising management workflow, from production to delivery on digital and print channels, of some of the most prestigious, high performing, and award-winning media-focused companies. Atex is a member of Constellation Software, a leading global software and services provider based in Toronto, Canada.