Saturday, June 22, 2024
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ICScolor installs PressCheck at StarPak

ICScolor has announced the successful installation of its advanced colour remote press approval tool PressCheck at StarPak, a fully integrated printer and leading manufacturer of high-quality flexible packaging products and part of the Five Star Family of Companies. StarPak, known for its innovative packaging solutions and a client-first approach, has integrated ICScolor’s PressCheck into its operations to enhance client relationships and streamline the production and approval process.

Dan Caldwell of ICScolor recalls, “Our introduction to StarPak was at the colour conference. Their interest in our Remote Director for proofing was clear, but PressCheck especially intrigued them. The solution has the potential to significantly streamline scheduling and reduce costs associated with travel for on-site press approvals. Implementing PressCheck aims to simplify StarPak’s press approval procedures, enhancing both workflow efficiency and client collaboration. “The hardware and software installation process is quick and simple, designed to minimize disruption and maximise productivity,” added Caldwell.

StarPak executives expressed excitement about the possibilities with the new system, stating: “At StarPak, we are always looking for innovative ways to serve our clients better, and the collaboration with ICScolor and the implementation of PressCheck and ProofCheck helps us do that. With this, we aim to provide unrivaled service to our customers, while enhancing our competitiveness in the industry.” The integration of PressCheck at StarPak is anticipated to offer a unique point of differentiation in the industry and greatly enhance its overall service offering.

ICScolor Inc is the world leader in remote digital colour proofing. Its technology pioneered colour-accurate soft proofing with the launch of Remote Director. The world’s largest brands, converters, printers, premedia, and publishers save time and money by eliminating the handling of hard copy proofs. Today, ICScolor’s expanded suite of products and solutions, including ProofCheck and PressCheck, are focused on digital colour proofing in real-time, on any mix of hardware and workflows at any location in the world.