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Albelli improves product, processes with DAM

Amsterdam-based Albelli turns customer photos into beautiful gifts and products – from simple prints to photo books, calendars, canvases, cups, and more. Comprising multiple photo product brands, they serve clients all over Europe, with 4 million customers across Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Albelli’s mission is to make the world a bit more beautiful by bringing people’s memorable moments to life – with quality, affordability, and great customer service. To achieve that mission, Albelli looks for operational and production efficiencies that allow them to create high-quality products quickly, accurately, and at a great price, which is where WoodWing Assets comes in…

Albelli’s business is based on high volumes of digital assets, from customer-supplied photos to the brand’s own templates and graphics. Albelli receives customer photos via their web portal and converts these into a variety of printed products, using templates and graphics created by the Albelli product design team.

Managing, updating and uploading these graphics was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that took 27 steps. Product Design Manager Pietro Pagani knew this wasn’t scalable or sustainable as Albelli grew its operations. He wanted his team to work on creative tasks such as creating new templates and products that add value to customers. To achieve this, Pagani’s vision was to reduce this workflow from 27 steps to a target of just two. Although this seems ambitious, it is achievable with the right software, systems, and workflow.

The effective management of digital assets is business-critical for a brand like Albelli. Their operational efficiency, product delivery, and growth depend on it. So the organisation began researching and shortlisting Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to support their strategy. They also chose to work with an IT implementation partner to assist with this process, to ensure they selected the right product and leveraged the full benefits of the technology.

Albelli selected WoodWing Assets as their DAM solution and Qonqord, an approved WoodWing partner, to deliver the project. Since the product design team has used Woodwing Assets, Albelli has significantly improved its workflow, as per Pagani’s strategy.


March 2023